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The peaceful atmosphere helps us to calm down and gather our thoughts.

The relaxed mind, surrounding of nature and warm tea aromas help our conference events and business meetings  be of the highest effectiveness and crowned with success. Welcome of our unique, 
nature – based conferences, business meetings and integration meetings.

Our guests will have the following professional facilities and rooms for their disposal:


The conference room on the river (102-120 people), the conference room in the mill (46-40 people),  the winter garden (50 people), the fire-place room (30 people), the drink bar room (32 people), the winery room (18 people), the veranda space (15 people).



The hotel facilities offer numerous attractions during group integrational stays. Please contact us to receive all details. We strongly recommend you to check one of our most recent integrational forms called Virtual Reality.  We are one of the few hotels offering this kind of activity. Virtual Reality (VR) is a three dimensional world created by a computer. VR is more than a typical 3D technology since it allows us to immerse ourselves into the digital world. By using a special Vive goggles we can not only experience the virtual world but also become a part of it and move within it. Thanks to innovative solutions the Vive googles users can interact with the virtual world. The users can for instance practise archery or paint and perform many more activities.

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